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Since three generations Di Iorio family has devoted itself to the harvest and transformation of precious molisian truffles. Vincenzo Di Iorio, the young enterpreuner who is actually leading the company, has decided to cultivate this family passion acquired when he was just a child thanks to his grandfather Vito, who was used to go truffle hunting through the wonderful forests of Molise together with his nephew. Grandpa Vito was not properly a professional truffle hunter but a dairyman, emigrated overseas like many other Molisian citizens, where he spent years teaching, in Venezuela and then in Colombia, the art of making mozzarella according to the old molisian traditional methods, then coming back to Molise in the 80s.  One day, while he was plowing his field in the countryside of Busso (CB), he realized that there were a few men with a very strange accent, for sure not a molisian accent, wandering around the wide centuries-old  forests, already tinged with the warm colours of autumn. Grandpa Vito was astonished by the dogs who were together with those men, with a curly and dense fur, and by the small shovels worn over their shoulders, so that he called him “hunters without rifles”. One morning he decided to wait for one of them and asked him what they were doing there. The “hunter” answered while smiling that he was really surprised to see farmers, like Grandpa Vito, ready to hoe the ground and work hard to obtain one kilogram of potatoes when a precious product comparable to gold was hidden under their feet. In this way Grandpa Vito discovered, thanks to those truffle hunters coming from Piemonte Region and other parts of Northern Italy, the great value of truffles and started to become so passionate that he decided to invest those money earned overseas to buy two Lagotto Romagnolo dogs: LEO and TRIFORA, that were so extraordinary that became like sons for him, spending everyday together too much time truffle hunting and discovering new secret places through those forests, chest of such great treasures. Vincenzo started to follow his grandfather during his excursions when he was 13, reaching him everytime he was free from work school in order to live new adventures aboard his Ape Piaggio 600. At the crack of dawn, around 4 a.m., he was used to reach Grandpa Vito already waiting for him together with the two dogs into a cage positioned on the Ape Piaggio, with a small vanghetto for truffles in his pocket and a green shoulder bag ready to be filled up with truffles. They had a long hard road to face but the possibility of experiencing those pure forests rich in hidden pathways and secrets where nobody else had left footprints before them,  had a fatigue-alleviating effect and fueled the passion of the little Vincenzo for the world of truffles. Grandpa Vito died in 2001, leaving to his nephew Trifora, the dog who became then a teacher for other puppies, that are now expert truffle hunters.   The memory of those weekends spent together with his grandfather and his dogs into the molisian forests accompanied Vincenzo during time, as long as he has decided in 2006 to found in Busso the Di Iorio Tartufi company. His dream has started with the setting up of a small room used as a laboratory to process the precious truffles in doing so allowing to preserve the product all year round.    Over the years he has focused his attention on two main targets, centering on them his investments: to guarantee and to improve the quality of products and to protect the fragile habitat where truffles grow, nowadays exposed to the risk of being damaged by the incompetence of many irresponsible truffle hunters. Vincenzo has never imagined, at the beginning of his adventure, to be able to reach in a few years a so high level of quality to conquer one of the most desired national awards: Academy Award of Quality. Extremely surprised on 16 March 2014 he received this prestigious award from the famous master chef Gianfranco Vissani, very excited about the high quality of Di Iorio products, recognized as the best ones among about 60 Italian companies who participated to the contest.

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