Up the staircase of Borgo di San Nicola, Trivento with its 365 steps

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It took four hundred people from all over the world to create the longest carpet ever, 600 meters long and made by hundreds of laborious hands. It is composed of small crochet pictures, each of them made with patience and skills. It will be exhibited Sunday, July 29th 2018 at Trivento and then every piece of this precious carpet will be on sale. The entire profit will go to the association 'Families Sma', a non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease that affects children in pediatric age.

Piazza Fontana, Trivento

The person who came up with this brilliant initiative is Mrs. Lucia Santorelli: "At the beginning we wanted to achieve something to promote our territory, then we've also decided to devolve it to the charity". A challenging but rewarding adventure the one from "Il tappeto piu' lungo del mondo" Trivento.

Lucia & Friends on to the Saint Nicola's Staircase

The town of Trivento sits on a rocky hill, above the valleys of Molise. It is one of those places where locals pause their conversation for a second or two if a stranger passes by and greet you with a “buongiorno” or “buonasera”. It is the type of place that I love visiting; it sticks to its quirky old ways and has its own character, unchanged by time and progress.

The story of Trivento goes centuries before the foundation of Rome. Local legends say that the town was founded by the mysterious Samnite people, who had a tradition of the Primavera Sacra (Sacred Spring) when animals were sacrificed and firstborns with birthdays between March 1 and June 1 became sacrati, or protected by god Marmete (the Samnite version of Mars). Once grown up, they follow a sacred ox to colonize new lands. One ox stopped to drink from the springs and the town was founded on the hill above. Later the invincible ancient Romans took over, then the Lombards, later the Normans. For centuries, it passed from one formidable lord to another who fought never ending small feudal wars over this land that remained a quiet backwater.

A place full of traditions where you can spend quality time and get chilled between hills and sea side. #Trivento #TravelMOLISE #discoverMOLISE #Italy

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