Black Truffle Oil Gourmet Perfume

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  • Olive Oil with Black Truffle Made in Italy 100ml (Spray Bottle)


An authentic truffle infused olive oil, a unique flavour created naturally. 

Olive oil and Black truffle from Molise region. A unique combination of premium ingredients: 

The outstanding variety of the olive tree combined with the climate of the Liguria region provides a product with low acidity, soft and fruity, with a sweet touch that enhances the characteristics of the food without being pervasive. 

Piedmont is one of the most popular destinations for truffle lovers, especially the city of Alba is considered the place where the best quality Italian truffles grow. 

Lovely drizzled over potatoes, pasta, polenta, risotto, fish filets, duck breast, lamb, chicken, rabbit or beef carpaccio.

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