“Wild Cherry Panzerotti” are crescents of shortcrust pastry, a golden biscuit with a tasty filling of black cherry jam, granulated sugar completes the panzerotti giving an additional note of sweetness. The delicacy of the fruit jam blends harmoniously with the fragrance of the dough created by hand, according to the ancient family recipe by Cianciullo for a result of absolute goodness. Packaged in the practical tray, you can have them ready anytime for a tasty and genuine break.




Cianciullo is a company born in Jelsi (CB) from a passion for the art of bread and pastries in 1967 through an idea of Mr. Pasquale Cianciullo, who passed the ropes to his son Francesco. Tradition and secrets of confectionery are constant knowledge of the Company, resulting in the quality of the products. In 1993, the Artisan Biscuit Cianciullo Srl was born.

Today, the Biscuit Cianciullo includes a remarkable production from salted to filled biscuits, succeeding in satisfying the palates of all its customers. It proposes a range of about 100 references, in different sizes and tastes, from classical Tarallo to Frollini, from filled products to brioche and whatever the palate desires. The mission of Cianciullo is "quality and genuineness to the service of the consumer", that contains the thought of Francesco Cianciullo to offer dainty products to its consumers. The ability to create new products, with a constant attention to the evolution of the food market and a constant reference to the traditional culture, makes Cianciullo one of the leaders between biscuit company in the Molise market.


Quality products, with craft procedures and natural ingredients, are still today the "must" of the company that wants to offer always products with the taste of tradition. Today, a tight-knit team of professional people, processes products with a careful and accurate handedness, for products made primarily with love and passion. Despite this Cianciullo is constantly hocked to search and develop new products, to improve and implement production processes, so that the quantity and quality never come in conflict. In fact, on July 22 nd, 2006 Cianciullo opened its new production, covering,more than 1.500 sm, with the newest technologies in production facilities and packaging.

Cianciullo - Wild Cherry Panzerotti 6pcs

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