The original and delicate taste of green olives and Walnuts Pâté"TARTUFI DI IORIO" is enriched in this recipe by the addition of black truffle.
The result is a Pâté with an amazing flavor, suitable for dressing tasty crostini or Pasta and Rice.



36 months in original packaging and in normal warehouse at room temperature but, our company has decided to label products with expiry of 27 months for more security.


Keep in cool and dry place. Once opened, cover the product with olive oil and keep refrigerated.

Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat sources.


Product sterilized. Maintained in a hermetic seal jar to guarantee the commercial sterility during distribution and stock in non-refrigerated ambient.



Ideal on pasta, rice, bruschetta, vegetables, eggs etc...

Green Olives and Walnuts Pate' with Truffle

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